1st Cement industry Seminar & technical workshop in Tunisia

The highlights of the first day of the 1st CEMENT INDUSTRY SEMINAR & TECHNICAL WORKSHOP in TUNISIA under the theme: «Cost Reduction Techniques & Alternative Fuels and Latest Technologies in Cement Industry».

We are really pleased to host this outstanding gathering from several cement plants in North Africa. This high level of interest truly reflects the importance of this seminar.

Many Thanks to all professionals who have joined us from: GICA (Algeria), ZLITEN Cement Plant (Libya), African Cement Company – Wadi El Shati (Libya), Bizerte Cement, CAT, CIOK, ENFIDHA Cement, Kairouan SOTACIB, Gabes Cement, Carthage Cement, order of Tunisian engineers (OIT), and Trade Union Chamber of Cement Producers
We are so grateful to the many experts who have come to share their knowledge today from CNBM CHINA & SMART JORDAN.

It is a very successful, fruitful and rewarding seminar.🔥
Stay tuned for our important events!!

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