Mining and Cement Specialists in Energy
And Environment
Project Management
And Entrepreneurship


To foster a rapid increase in skills level in our focus area, we transmit our pedagogical, technical and organizational expertise. Besides, we present varied Trainings, a key link in the transmission of know-how.

Also, we support universities to train students by teaching the Operational side, complementary to the Theory. Beyond this activity, PECO ENERGY offers directly or through partners, Training for professionals, a key lever for employment and competitiveness.

Our Program, Pedagogical Means and Methods

We offer Training in inter or intra-companies.

Our trainers are at your disposal to define your needs and establish the program that best meets your expectations for one or more days. Thus, we use the following methods and teaching methods:

Pratical Cases

The animation based on business cases or practical situations that promotes exchanges between participants and allows the adaptation of the contributions to the specific expectations of participants and thus promotes the operational aspect.

Accelerated Learning

Accelerated Learning methods based on active learning, practice, and learning outcome.


Presentation in video projector with corresponding course support.


Exercises and role plays, group exercises, practical questionnaires.

Our Focus

Through our Expert, Professional and certified instructor, we create value for our client in the following areas :

Energy and Environnement

Mining & Cement.

Project Management and Entrepreneurship

Our Future Trainings

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